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The light of Christ….a good one i think.

Posted by Jenn on March 7, 2007

“The Light of Christ . . . provides . . . guidance. It gives light and life to all things. It prompts all individuals throughout the earth to distinguish truth from error, right from wrong. The Light of Christ is not a person. It is a power and influence that comes from God our Father through His Son, Jesus Christ, and, when followed, can lead a person to qualify for the more definitive guidance and inspiration of the Holy Ghost. You were told that transgression would weaken the influence of the Holy Ghost, but it could be restored through proper repentance. You rejoiced to know that the obedient who would receive the proper ordinances with the necessary covenants and remain faithful would inherit celestial glory and live in the presence of the Father and His Son throughout the eternities”

Richard G Scott.

I have found some good quotes that seem to fit some of the crap that I have in my head. I am doing this more for myself than anything else I suppose. I have read this so many times in the last couple of days. The same thing keeps coming to mind. Some people that I have hung out with in the past did not have that Light of Christ that it talks about in that quote. I have recognized that now more than ever. Its amazing how I felt when I stopped talking to those people that had that weakened influence of the Holy Ghost. I am more ready now than I ever have in my life to face those demons that are hiding in my head. I am scared to think that something has happened to me when I was little. I know however that I will be able to focus so much better on my life as it is now when I face them and learn how to deal with them piece by piece. Someone told me recently that Hiding a secret for a long time takes so much energy and focus. Its like Zach’s Seizures, his brain had so much going on that it could only really focus on a few really important things, Like breathing sleeping and eating. Those things that he HAD to do in order to survive. I don’t remember anything before the age of 16. Nothing. I have little things I recall but most memories come from what others have said to me or pictures that I have seen. My brain is working so hard on keeping the past the past it only has time to do the things that absolutely need to be done in order to stay alive. Once we freed up the energy in Zachs brain he started doing so many new things. Same with me, Once I get all the stuff out in the open I am going to have so much power to do so many things. I am going to be so surprised by what I can do when I need to. I can’t wait to start this new chapter in my life. I am grateful that I have found my true support system. I am sad that others don’t have such great people in their life like I do. I do understand that I could have more but I have pushed a lot of people away. I am sad to think that I had so many friends but because I was not willing to listen to others they were hurt by my actions. I wish others could see what they are doing to their friends. Hurting people is not what the lord wants for us. He wants us to share that influence we have with others. We just need to keep doing those things the lord wants us to do, those simple things. Its not our place to question the words or teachings the lord has put in front of us. Things are done in a way that everyone can learn and grow from the gospel. I challenge all of you to make sure you have the TRUE light of Christ in your life. Just think how amazing it would be to be able to live in the presence of the Father and his Son. Wow.


One Response to “The light of Christ….a good one i think.”

  1. Jenn said

    This is Chad. I love to see the Light of Christ in your life. I also love to see the influences of the Holy Ghost in your life. I love you so much you are the absolute greatest person to happen in my life.

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