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A month to get to know me…..

Posted by Jenn on April 2, 2007

I was challenged to write 25 things about me and that i am thankful for every week. I think i am going to take on that challenge. I will do 5 a day… I challenge any of you to do the same thing. Here is my first 5.

1. I love to cook. I enjoy making fun things for my family. I love hearing how good it is. One of the best things Chad has ever said was that the meal I made was better than his mothers. I was taught by my mother how to cook simple yet very good and filling things. It has come in handy.

2. I am thankful for my Father. I have learned that I am like him in so many ways. The subject of my father was always a sore subject in my life. It wasn’t until just recently that I am learning to forgive and move on with my life.

3. I am thankful for prayer. I have not prayed so much in my life. Chad and I have made a goal to pray every night with the kids and together. Its easier than I thought it was going to be. I love to listen to Chad pray. He is so gentile when he talks to the Lord. Its nice.

4. Spring. I love that I am motivated to go outside and play with the kids. I have gone out everyday for 2 weeks. Its amazing how much healing the sun can do. Emily just loves to go play. We went to the playground today and She had so much fun. It’s a small playground so she could just play without me having to worry about her falling.

5.Naps. I have been able to take naps over the last few days it helps so much with the cleaning of the house and such. Chad and I make sure that each of us have an opportunity to take a nap while the other watches the kids. I love Chad so much. He has made such progress in his life. He is my soul mate!


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