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Just an update…

Posted by Jenn on April 15, 2007

So life is going okay for us. I think that things will start to pick up again and it will get crazy. It always seems to for us. Chad got a job with the US Postal Service doing Data Entry. We think it will be good for him and he will like it a lot. He is excited for it. It will be nice to finally have some money coming in so that we can start paying our bills the way they were meant to be paid. I am feeling good. I have been very blessed to not be depressed. I have maybe had 2-3 days when I have felt Sad. Its nice I forgot what “normal” felt like. Its SO nice to be able to stay calm when the crazy things start happening. The kids are doing well. Emily is acting like a 2 year old. Surprising? No! Other than the Ear infection and the Swollen Tonsils that she is getting over, she is very fun and still the light of my life. Zach is such a goof. He is learning to do things for attention. Em taught him how to fake cough so now he does it all the time. We have decided to teach him some sign language. I hope it helps him, I am excited to see how fast he picks it up. He is already kind of signing Milk. Its neat. We think he is getting teeth. He has been fussy a lot lately its not normal for him to whine like this all day long. Hopefully they will come in quickly. Lots has been going on with others in my family and I am praying really hard that things will work out for those that are suffering. I am so happy with where my family is and I hope that things will continue to go well


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