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The fool…

Posted by Jenn on April 23, 2007

Disclamer** Its starting again. I don’t want to hear anything about this. It over and done. Just let it all go. If you don’t like whats written ohh well. If you think you are going to be mad or upset or hurt. Stop right now and move on to something else.  Please.

I found out there has been some gossip going around about me. Its sad that others feel like I am such a horrible person. I had talked about some letters that I found that cause some heartache again. I didn’t realize a lot of what was said about me and my family. The threats that were made. Its amazing that people think they know me or what’s best for my family. That people think that I am losing integrity for not telling them I moved? I didn’t tell a lot of people that I moved because I have had way to much happen to my family. People that think horrible things and that have said horrible things about me and family. I have moved on. I have started down a new road. I know some of those people have said nice things but I have a feeling they still think I am horrible. I have prayed so hard to let all of this just go away. The gossip needs to stop. Don’t worry about my family. My kids are more than taken care of. Stop talking about me to others. I have lost so many friends because of things that were said that were not true. Every one just needs to move on. Please just move on. Brigham young said…Taking offence when it was not Intended makes you a fool….Taking offence when it was intended makes you an even bigger fool


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