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Posted by Jenn on May 2, 2007

My cornerA friend of mine posted a blog about Corners. She talked about her favorite corner and others along with her did the same. I thought about this and thought it would be fun to talk about my favorite corner. It took awhile but I think I found my favorite. I would like to share some memories about my corner.

There is so much I could tell you. This corner has seen a lot of happy and a lot of sad. There has been times when I have sat and held my sick children. The only thing they wanted to do was be held by their mommy. There has been times when I have cried in this corner because of the pain my children were going through. I have cried because I could not see how life would be worth living anymore while sitting in this corner. I have seen the happiness I have been blessed with in the form of my husband. I have been comforted by him and told that he wouldn’t know how to live if I was gone.

I have seen the world in so many forms in this corner. I have watched my miracle begin and continue to do things others told us he would never do. I have watched my princess sing songs and teach her little brother how to do.

I have laid in this corner and just been lazy. I have laughed and cried and looked at my loved ones in awe in this corner. I have read good books and not so good books. I have talked to friends cried on their shoulders. I have listened when those friends were in need of love. I have watched kids grow up. I have watched those I love begin to understand them selves. Its amazing how much one little place can have such an affect on you. I hope that this corner can continue to bring me many more memories.

I am giving all of you that read this a challenge, find your corner. Let the world know what your corner is like. Make sure to link my blog on your page. Love you all!


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