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I’m Mom!

Posted by Jenn on May 11, 2007

em-and-zach1.jpgDo you ever wonder why it is that every one thinks that mothers have superpowers? I know when I was a kid I thought my mother could do anything. I thought that because she didn’t have a husband that she had more powers than those who had husbands. Mainly because she had to play to parts. As I got older I began to understand how more how being a mother works. I still rely on my mother for many things. She understands me so well and many times has the right words and advice for me. She is SO willing to sacrifice for her children. She would give up so many things just to make sure our families have what they need. She has been on the other side and needed so much. She *GETS* life. I aspire to be like her in many ways.

Now that I am a mother I am beginning to understand what she went through. I have to much more growing to do. I see my son grow and become stronger. I see him knocked down by things that he is suffering with. I hurt as a mother to see what is happening to him. I hurt that I can’t have those “superpowers” that I thought my mother had. Then I remember what I was told in blessings given to me and him. Zach was a fighter he was one who helped take Satan out of heaven. He isn’t suffering. He is being protected from the man that has a hold of so many of us out there. If he didn’t have these problems Satan would be able to grab a hold and never let go. The Lord Promised me and Zach that he would be just fine. I was told that Zach still needs to learn about the gospel he needs to understand his worth. He is such a strong little boy. I am amazed how he handles all that is happening to his little body. He is so strong. He looked at me today as I was talking to him and just gave me this look like I am not hurting. I am here for you to learn from me. I am your teacher. I love just having conversations with him. His eyes talk. He talks with his body. I understand him. No one else understands him like me. I am a mother that gets the privilege to raise one of the Lords greatest fighters.

I have an angel that thinks that I can fly. She asked me yesterday if I could just kiss bubba better. I told her that I wished I could. Then she walked up to him and kissed his head and said its okay Zach mommy will fix it. Emily is my light. She is my joy. I am proud of her. She is so smart. She understands more about me than I do myself. She knows that if I am laying in bed I might be sad. She comes in and says mommy outta bed! If I don’t listen she comes and pulls the blankets off me. She can melt your heart with one verse of ABC’s. She is calm and loving. She loves kisses and gives the best hugs. She loves Zach more than anything. She is so protective of him! I am such a happy mom.


One Response to “I’m Mom!”

  1. mom2mm said

    What a cute picture of your kids! I wrote on my blog about the book I am reading, you will HAVE to read it! It is the best!

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