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30th Birthday…

Posted by Jenn on May 21, 2007

Today I turned 30. I have always loved birthdays. I find it fun to have one day to really have people celebrate your life. Every year I wish for more and every year I end up with less. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for my life and for my friends but I wish that people would remember. Remembering would be better than nothing. I only had a few family members remember and my mother. My dad called about a lunch next week and that’s it not even a Birthday wish. It brought back memories of when I was younger. Ohh well. Didn’t get a single gift. I know it sounds selfish but something from someone would have been nice. I am sorry that I sound like I like a whiner. Birthdays should be fun. Not lonely. I want just one birthday where I don’t have to worry about calling people. I wish they would call me. Argg.. Some of you are probably thinking to yourselves, man could she be any more self centered. I’m sorry.

Ohh well. Maybe next year. Thanks for letting me vent and be special for a half a second


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