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I don’t want to grow up….

Posted by Jenn on June 6, 2007

I don’t want to grow up.


I want life to be carefree.


I want to be happy all the time.


I don’t want to have to worry.


I don’t want anything to do with pain or loss or sadness.


I don’t want to be accountable for anyone but myself.


I want to be loved by everyone.


I don’t want to be afraid.


I don’t want to cry.


I don’t want to be embarrassed.


I don’t want to be alone.


I want what I want when I want it.


What’s so wrong with that??


What is so wrong with that??  Tell me what you think?? I would like to know what others have to say about this…Come on now don’t be shy!

We will talk more about this later…


One Response to “I don’t want to grow up….”

  1. mom2mm said

    This is a tricky one! Today I don’t feel like being the grown up, but while at my cousin’s house today, she has a big sign above her bed that reads “my greatest blessings call me mom.” Can we still have kids but not be “grown ups?”

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