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Emilys Big News…

Posted by Jenn on June 12, 2007

So we have been trying to get Emily unplugged for a couple of days now. Its so sad. She just stands where you can’t see her and she grunts and moans and just cries cause it just hurts so bad. We have tried everything we could think of to help her. I know most of you are shaking your heads and wondering why on earth I am writing about this. Well we got her to do something that she has NEVER done before. She came up to me and said mommy I need to go potty. That’s not unusual for her to do but I took her in and she got all ready and she pooped!!! All by herself! I am so proud of her for doing something so scary for her. She just held on to me and cried. Then she did it and I started to cry because I was SOO proud of her. She just looked at me with tears in her eyes and said “mommy I need to wipe”. It was so cute. Needless to say I think that she is ready to start the “real” process of potty training. We have kind of done it but she always just regresses back. Wish me luck everyone! Hopefully it will work!


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