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Our weekend.

Posted by Jenn on June 18, 2007

discovery_gateway-07.jpgIts been a crazy couple of days around our house. I feel blessed in so many ways. Friday we spent the day with my cousin and her son and we went to Discovery Gateway. I was amazed by all the stuff they had for the kids to do. I was also disappointed that Zach could not do anything while we were there. I would have had to take him out of his chair. It was hard for me to watch him want to do the things the other kids do. After about a half hour he was over stimulated and ready to go. I am grateful that Chad was there to run after Emily. She had so much fun and was everywhere all at the same time. I sat with Zach and talked to him about the different things that were going on. I brought a lot to him to look at. He would be sad and whiney and then he would see EEE (thats his way of saying Emily) and he would get this big smile on his face and kick his legs and be happy until she would run off again. She noticed that he wasn’t able to do any of the stuff that she was doing. I got a family pass for free and I am so glad we used it. I think I am going to write a letter to the company and let them know that some things need to be changed. Who knows it might do some good.

Saturday we spent the day with old friends. We left the kids with Grandma and off to Barbeque and watch the Demolition Derby! It was nice to leave the kids for a while and actually talk to an adult. We had good conversation, even better food, and laughed so much that my body hurts. Initially we were just going to hang out and eat. We could not afford to purchase tickets to the Derby ourselves. When we got there our friends told us that they wanted us to be with them so they bought us tickets to go. Chad and I could not say No. We did have to pass it by the babysitter. She said yes..HAHA. So off we went. Sitting in 102 degree weather with no shade for more than 5 hours should have been hard but because we were having so much fun I really didn’t mind. We laughed more and more. At one point I lost my voice because I really haven’t talked or laughed that much in years. We had a really great time.

As we drove home I started thinking about the past few years and how much has changed in our lives. I see those people that once struggled fighting their way back to being stable, and sharing in the process. I also started thinking about the up coming changes that we are headed for. I was reminded by the radio that today was Fathers Day. I had not really thought about what to do. We have had so many other things we have been dealing with it kind of just slipped through the cracks. I felt bad for not remembering. Chad and I talked about Fathers Day and I told him how grateful I am for having him in my life. I have been given so many wonderful things. This morning Instead of waking me up Chad let me sleep in with Zach at my side. I awoke to a small finger in my nose and a giggle from my bubba. I looked at the clock and it said 12:32pm. I woke up feeling great. After waking up I got the kids and made a couple of Fathers Day cards. It was cute I traced the kids hands on one side of the paper and wrote We have the Greatest Daddy/Grandpa Hands down! It was so cute. Emily was so proud of her hands that she showed everybody she could see as we walked to the car. Zach would not open his right hand so he has one open hand and a fisted hand on the paper. I figured that’s how his hand is most of the time so why not just make it unique like him. We went to my Grandparents on my Dad’s side for lunch saw my Dad and brothers and sisters. I love spending time with my family. Its so much fun to visit with them. Even more fun to see how big our kids are getting. After a short visit with Chad’s parents we came home and just in time to get a visit from a very good friend of ours. As he walked in our home he brought in at least 8-10 bags of groceries for us. At first he told us they were just in front of our door but after putting it all away we found a card. Inside it explained that he was completely overwhelmed by the feeling he needed to help us. He said the feeling was so strong that he could not sit still. He talked it over with his parents and went shopping in our behalf. He picked items that we needed and used all the time. It was amazing to see how right on he was with what he purchased. We are overflowing with food. He did some other stuff for us to. I have been praying so hard for ways to pay for this and get that. I am so humbled by the way he just listened and did what he was told to do. We have more than we need now but I am not sure what things will be like in a few weeks. I am sure proud to call him our friend. We are blessed for sure. Chad starts his new job tomorrow (Monday). I am so excited for him to start and sad that he won’t be home anymore. Don’t get me wrong, he so needs to be working to help pay the bills, but he has been home almost everyday since January. I have grown accustomed to having him here to help with things. The kids have been spoiled too. I know it will be hard for Miss Emily. She ADORES her daddy. He is her everything. As he is mine. It will be nice to finally get back on our feet. This is not going to be easy for a while. I will be kind of alone again. That is the part that I think will be the hardest for me. I LOVED having someone to talk with and laugh with. Never the less it is time to move on. We are in store for bigger and better things I just know it. I really am going to need my friends now more than ever. I do have to say that I am definitely in a better place emotionally and spiritually to handle the changes. I love where my life is headed. I know we are doing the right things. Pray for us that we will continue in the right direction. Thanks friends for all your support and love. Continue to pray for us and listening to the spirit and I will continue to do the same for you!


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