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moving on…

Posted by Jenn on June 19, 2007

The last couple of days I have had a lot of time to think about lots of things. Chad is working again, while he has only been gone for 2 days I realized how much he really did in the house. It was easy to have him home to take care of the kids. Emily was so funny yesterday when I went to go get her out of bed she asked for Daddy. I told her that daddy was working now and that he would be home later to play. She began to cry and tell me that she needed her daddy to get her out of bed. Then telling me “mommy you don’t do it right”. As I told her I was sorry for not doing it right she told me to call Daddy and get him home now. In my head I really thought about it. I know that this is where things were suppose to be along time ago. I have lived with almost nothing for so long I am not sure what I am going to do with what we have coming in. In a way its good because of that one thing. I know how to use my money wisely. Save for the things I need and the bills I have to pay. Chad and I have really become a lot closer through all of this. I know that all that we have gone through could have helped our marriage or ruined it. I am so proud of how far our little family has come. I am so glad that I have the faith I do. I love the fact that I have my children to love and care for. I love watching them grow and become strong and intelligent. Sometimes I look at them and I am shocked they are really mine. Zach has started to understand where things on his body are located. He can find his nose, eyes, his mouth, and his hair. Its so funny to watch his right arm try to find things. Its his not so good arm and you can really tell he has to think about what its doing. If he doesn’t get it to where he wants it to be after 2 or 3 tries he gets really upset and just uses his left arm. Emily is getting the potty training down. She is doing really well at pooping in the potty she won’t go in her diaper anymore. She doesn’t fully understand the peepee thing yet. She is not very constant at “knowing” she has to go. I feel like we will get it in the next few weeks. Cross your fingers.


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