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My spiritual Perscription.

Posted by Jenn on June 21, 2007

My spiritual prescription includes six choices which I shall list alphabetically, A through F:
~ Choose to Be Alive
~ Choose to Believe
~ Choose to Change
~ Choose to Be Different
~ Choose to Exercise
~ Choose to Be Free ”
— Russell M. Nelson
General Conference, October 1988

I know I have put up this quote before, however, I am doing it again. When I found this I was blown away. I started using these six choices in my everyday life. They have helped me so much in dealing with the depression that I have.

Choose to be alive! If nothing else you can thank the Lord that you are alive. Imagine how the lives of so many would change if you were not here.

Choose to Believe! Believe that you can get through what you are dealing with. Believe that others are better because you are in the world. Believe your Dr., your mother, your father, your spouse. Believe that you CAN CHANGE!

Choose to Change! Make that Change TODAY! Scream at the top of your lungs, I DON’T WANT TO LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE! Stop doing the things that are hurting you and START doing the things that will make a difference and make you happy.

Choose to be Different! In my life I was crippled by the fact that I wanted to change things and my husband didn’t. I was always told by others that if I just started and followed through 2 things would happen. He would notice how happy and how changed I was becomming and want the same thing or he would be stubborn and eventually leave because he was unwilling to change. I chose to make the change and be different. He did notice how happy I was and with some help he started down a different road that has made our lives so much better!

Choose to Exercise! You can do the obvious. Yes that would help and does help, trust me. The dictionary says this…exercise >noun 1 activity requiring physical effort carried out for the sake of health and fitness. 2 a task set to practice or test a skill. 3 an activity carried out for a specific purpose.
Exercise the principals that you have learned. For instance for me it was living the Gospel. Continue to make those changes and applying them in your life.

Choose to be Free! This is one of my favorites. If you do the first 5 this one will happen all on its own. Think about how much lighter you will become. How much easier it is to deal with things head on.

I have found that when I do these things other things are so much easier to do and KEEP doing. Really making those changes will make a difference in everyone around you.

Keep fighting.


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