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Bad mornings that turn into good days.

Posted by Jenn on June 28, 2007

I don’t understand why moms have to be the one to handle throw up, poop and other bodily things. We spent most of the night with a sick Emily. She was plugged and would not use her diaper to go. She was pushing so hard everything came up the opposite way. I finally got to sleep at 1 am after getting her to poop in the potty and after trying to clean up her room and get her back into bed. Zach slept through all of it which was nice. The next morning.. Low and behold we had a clogged toilet and no phone service. I could have cried all morning. Our cell phone carrier turned off our phones because they said they never got the payment. It shows that it posted on our account. No way to call our apartment complex and get them over to fix the toilet. No car to go to the Phone store and get them to turn our phones back on.( They told me over the phone that they could not reinstate our service over the phone I had to go into one of the stores and do it in person). Thank HEAVENS for good friends and for the internet. A good friend was online and thankfully asked if she could call someone for me. She called my mother-in-law and asked her to get online so that I could tell her what was going on. She agreed after some prodding to come help. My sister showed up and helped too. It was SO nice for her to drive me around the town to get everything fixed. Toilet works now, Phones are back on. And My MIL cleaned the kids room really really well and did laundry for me. How nice of her to help. Kids are sleeping I am calm again… I can go take a nap if I want. Someone told me today.. Jenn if you have any luck its Bad luck. I agree..lol. Can someone send me some good luck for about a month PLEASE! It would be nice.


2 Responses to “Bad mornings that turn into good days.”

  1. Lisa M said

    You didn’t tell me about Em. Goodness- I am glad you got everything worked out. Did you get your toilet fixed?

    I think I would be nervous too, with no phone or car, or way to reach anyone.

    I am glad you got some help!

    Have a great day today!

  2. Jenn said

    Yes everything worked out fine.. Em Feels So much better! Toilet is Fixed

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