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Date night.

Posted by Jenn on June 29, 2007

Today was a really good day. I got so much accomplished it was so nice. We got paid today. I made a promise to myself that we would pay EVERYTHING we needed to before we went and had fun. So Me, Chad and the kids hopped in the car and went off to pay the bills. We got most everything paid or at least put something down on it. I felt SO good after wards. I was so proud of myself. It was a relief to not have to worry about how I was going to come up with the money to pay bills because I screwed up and overspent. Chad and I had a celebration today because he officially passed training!!! I am SOO happy for Chad. He worked so hard to pass. He was so funny. He got a 90% and was so mad at himself. He kept telling me that he could have done so much better. I told him to just be proud of himself. So in honor of a job well done we had Date night. We went to dinner and a movie with our best friends. We saw pirates #3. It was so nice to get out and know that we were able to do it the right way. I am so proud of Chad. He is working so hard for our family. He is changing and its nice to see the changes he is making. I love him so much. I fell in love with him again tonight. I remembered why I married him! I love you Chad!chad-funny-face.jpg


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