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Posted by Jenn on July 3, 2007

There has been lots of changes made in our house lately. First off is the Job situation. Chad LOVES his job! He started taking calls yesterday and was the first one in his class brave enough to start taking them. I was so proud of him! He came home so excited. He has made a goal of one sale a day. Well yesterday he came close a couple of times but didn’t get one. Well this morning by 10am he called to tell me that he had all ready made 2 sales! This is awesome for just getting out of training. For every sale he gets we get money! I am So proud of my Chad! He has been waiting for a job he can succeed at. I think we may have found it! FINALLY!

It has finally happened. What you say? Well My bubba is MOBILE! Yes you read that right. I have a little guy that moves himself across the floor. He rolls from his back to his tummy all the time. He does not like his back anymore. Check that off the list right? Right! Well once he gets on his tummy he has started pushing himself up on his hands and reaching for things. I will look down and he has somehow gotten himself over to the stuff he knows he shouldn’t be getting into. I have officially had to Zach proof my house. Its kinda funny because I never thought I would have to do that. He is doing so much more than he use to be doing. I am so excited to look down and see that he is almost across the living room floor. I am getting very fast at grabbing things out of his way. He is so much fun! He knows the sign for Milk. Boy does he use it! The OT is so excited with the progress he is making in using his right hand. He uses that arm all the time now. He still has a hard time and is kinda slow and careful when grabbing at things, but he knows how to bonk quite well! I am so proud of the milestones I never thought we would meet! GO BUBBA!

As for Emily she is so smart. She loves watching the Wonder Pets and Blues Clues. She can sing all the songs and makes up songs about mom and daddy. She has stopped calling me Mommy and started calling me Jennifer. Its so funny. I say no my name is Mommy silly! She says no its Jennifer! She can sing all of her ABC’s and She is counting to 10 all by herself. She can spell her name and is working on writing it. She surprises me every day with the stuff she knows. The other day she gave me a complete detailed explanation on how a fire hydrant works. She is getting better with the potty training. She is stubborn like her dad and will do it on her own time. I am okay with that she makes progress everyday!

I love being a mom. It’s the greatest callings I could have ever been given. I amazed how full filled I feel about helping them grow and become stronger. I am so happy with where things in my life are going.


One Response to “Milestones!”

  1. Alesha said

    That’s so AWESOME! I’m so happy that Zach is progressing so much. He is such an awesome kid.

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