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Lets just add one more thing…

Posted by Jenn on July 6, 2007

Scoliosis. Yep…. Here we go again. Just one more thing to add to the long list of things that Zach has to live with. I was sitting with him just about time to watch the fireworks when I noticed his spine didn’t feel straight. I talked to some people I was with they said it was probably nothing. Well yesterday at PT I talked to our therapist and she confirmed my thinking. She said it is very pronounced and that I should talk to someone right away. I called our Ped. He said he would refer us to a specialist. UGG! My poor little man adds one more thing to his already full plate. This is a very common thing among kids who have Cerebral Palsy. We can’t ever just go more than a couple of weeks with out some kind of drama in our family. I am learning how to deal with all of the stuff that happens. I have a few options. I just need to make some calls. I am going to enjoy the weekend and then start the fight on Monday.


2 Responses to “Lets just add one more thing…”

  1. I am sorry another thing got added. It seems like it never ends huh!! We thought just getting out of the NICU would solve everything. Would make it all ok!! Boy.. I felt ill informed!! The first few months of appointments I wondered what else we were gonna get. Sorry that yours is still going…. YUCK!!

  2. Lisa M said

    Hey Sis-

    Ethan has Kyphosis, which is just like Scoliosis, only the curve is more of a hunch curve, rather than an s curve. Do you remember, Dr. Such- talking to us about Scoliosis, when I want to that appointment with you? It’s just a side effect from CP. Lots of kiddo’s have it, and like everything else, it varies with degree’s.

    I understand, the “one” more thing. I keep trying to convince myself, that- some day we will finally have all.. of the diagnosis, Ethan will have. SO, hasn’t happened yet-

    I am SO sorry. I really really hate, “One more thing!”


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