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On our way…

Posted by Jenn on July 25, 2007

Its been a pretty calm week. After getting back from vacation its taken awhile to get out of Vacation mode. I hate it. I hate that there are days I just don’t feel like do anything at all. I did lots of house work yesterday. I am so proud of myself. I love how I feel when my kitchen is clean. Its so nice to have dishes to eat off of. I am so much better about cooking at home and cleaning when things are clean. Doing dishes is easier when there are only a few rather than 2 sinkfulls.

I am headed to East Canyon for the afternoon and evening. For as long as I can remember we have gone to East Canyon for our summer vacation. My Grandparents started this tradition at least 22 years ago or more. They pick a week and all of their children and their families come up and stay in condos, Trailers and tents.  We hang out at the pool and swim, play mini golf, hike, we use to go fishing with my Grandpa, and just hang out. This was always so much fun. I remember sitting upstairs in the bunk bed room with my cousins and playing cards getting ready to go to Park City, or just sitting. We were always laughing. I know that all of us kids loved going up every year. We would look forward every year to hanging out with our awesome cousins, Listening to Marilyn yelling at Steve for eating the chip that were meant for the page dip, writing secret notes about what the adults were doing down stairs while they were watching old John Wayne movies, Scaring our younger cousins with stories of the Phantom of the Opera, and giving those same younger cousins Mountain Dew and watching them run in to the screen door of the patio. This just got better the older we got. I miss being able to spend the night up there. My mother has started her tradition of getting an extra condo for my brothers and sisters. We use to take one day, usually a Thursday, and go to Park City. We go down the Alpine Slide and walk around the outlet stores. After a long day and a really yummy Carmel apple we would head back to the condo and have dinner at the East Canyon Restaurant, *Pardon my reach*.

So today I have the pleasure of riding with one of those Awesome cousins to hang out with those who are already up there. Its so much fun being able to take my children to a place I loved to go when I was a child. This is the first time they have been up there. I am so excited to hang out with my family.


2 Responses to “On our way…”

  1. Lisa M said

    I love things like that. Love it. I agree, it is so nice and so comfortable to have things picked up and cleaned. I get in those ruts, too, where I don’t feel like doing anything.

    I am glad you enjoyed your day- I love rides like that, especially with funky weather.

    It’s good to catch up!

  2. […] for you. Hot sunny day, Driving down a beautiful mountain road on our way home from a week long Vacation, smooched in between 2 brothers in a not so cool car, When one of my brothers asks my mom If we can […]

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