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Devils Slide…

Posted by Jenn on July 28, 2007


Growing up my brothers and sisters were always telling stories of things that would freak me out.  A lot of these stories stayed with me until I as an adult found out the truth.

Case in point. Devils Slide.  Let me set the scene for you. Hot sunny day, Driving down a beautiful mountain road on our way home from a week long Vacation, smooched in between 2 brothers in a not so cool car, When one of my brothers asks my mom If we can go the Hennefer way home as to go past Devils Slide. Before she could say anything I being young asked what on earth was Devils Slide. My brother so kindly pointed out that this so called Slide was put on the earth so that Satan had a way to enter the state and prey on those of us that lived in it. The other brother threw in and if we are lucky we will see him entering the state when we drove by. By this time i was so freaked out i asked if we could go the morgan way home because i didn’t need to see this. What happens if he gets in the car? What happens if he holds on the to back of the car and follows us home and we don’t know it.  Needless to say i was terrified every time we chose to go that way home from Vacation.

It wasn’t until i got older that i realized how silly that story was. It is the most amazing looking formation of rock i think i have ever seen. Many a time i imagine a Short little man dressed in all Black with a pichfork and a pointy red tail sliding down it. It makes me laugh every time.

I often wonder what it would be like to hike that mountain in the snow with a sled and sled down it. If it wasn’t right next to a very busy highway i might just attempt it. I am sure at some point some crazy loon has.

If you are interested in going to see this really cool Rock formation click here 


2 Responses to “Devils Slide…”

  1. amyf4 said

    Don’t ya just love siblings?! That is really pretty.

  2. Meesa143 said

    I always wanted to sled down it too 🙂 Our brothers liked to scare the crap out of us a lot.

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