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Posted by Jenn on August 18, 2007

A friend of mine tagged me and wants to hear 8 random things about me…. Here goes…

1.) I CAN NOT eat pointy ended french fries. I have had this phobia for years. I would rather eat a fry that is square ended. If it has one pointy and one end is square, i will bite off the fry to the point and throw the rest away.

2.) Right now i just want to be Normal. I want to have normal kids. I want to have a Normal Life.

3.) Okay by the time you read number 2 that feeling will have passed. I have Disability mom burn out.

4.) I am finding that my food tastes are changing. I have started eating a lot different than i use to. Most more healthy. Its amazing to think that i am liking Broccoli!

5.) I have always wanted to be a Tornado chaser, a Radio DJ, a Chef, and a Photographer. (preferably not all at once)

6.) I LOVE being a mom. I have times when i look at my kids and am amazed that they are mine. I am so proud of them. I love that i get to raise and mold these 2 sweet kids. I feel so fulfilled. I know that this is my calling. This is my job. I love it!

7.) I absolutely HATE cartoons. CAN NOT stand to watch them.

8) I am addicted to the Food Network. I think i could watch that channel all day everyday if my family would let me. I would love to make food of that caliber.


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