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Fun Friday nights.

Posted by Jenn on August 31, 2007

Its nice to have a fun day for once. I decided that i needed to get out more often. Being stuck in my house all day everyday is not good for me. So thats exactly what i didn’t do! I went and got my beautiful Sister and her 2 amazing children and we went to lunch with our cousin. We had a good time just talking over yummy food and just had fun. It was so much fun! I really love being a mom. I love that I had Emily on one side and Zach on the other side. After getting the kids their food i was able to enjoy mine. I realized that i was breathing hard..lol. It took so much work making sure that they both had their food and making sure that neither of them were jumping across the table or grabbing things they shouldn’t. It felt like i had run a marathon. But i would NEVER change it for the world. You parents out there that have more than 2 kids are amazing! Way to go!

After a costco, and Slurpee run. I dropped off the sister and headed home. Chad got home and we spent the evening shopping for things like toilet paper and paper towels and even had a YUMMY dinner.




Who new that shopping for small things could be so much fun!

Chad and I put the kids in bed and we spent alone time playing Slap Jack and Go Fish with face cards. It was sooo much fun! Learning how to comunicate better with Chad is working. Its nice to have this wonderful Chad in my life. I have missed him!


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