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Everything is already alright!

Posted by Jenn on September 7, 2007

It’s been a crazy week. However I have done so many wonderful things for myself. It’s nice to have things calm again. I am excited to share that I got over my fears and started my own business.


From the moment that Emily was born she loved to listen to me talk. I started reading to her what I was reading. Whether it was a magazine, a book, or the news paper she loved reading with me. We started getting books for her to read. She LOVES to read. If she is not making up songs she is reading. I was introduced to a company Usborn books one day and fell in love with them. They have a variety of books for infants to High School age. They have these books that they call Touchy Feely books. They have different sections on the each page that has a different texture. I introduced them to Zach and he LOVES them. It’s amazing how fast he took to them. They helped him with the sensory issues that he was having with his hands. I am so excited to help others buy introducing them in to other family’s homes. I would love to talk to anyone that wants more info on these books. (I also have a link to my website on the sidebar.)


Today I was thinking about what I have learned since I started working with and selling these books. I have so much more self confidence. Chad said that he is amazed how much happier I am with myself.  I am learning how to reprogram my thinking when it comes to my self doubt. I learned something really neat today. Tell me what you think…When we were born Heavenly Father created us with an “emptiness” Or void. He made this emptiness so that he would be the only one that would be able to fill it. People spend their whole live trying to fill this void they have. At some point they hopefully will find a way to let the spirit or the Lord fill this emptiness with peace and love. The Lord hopes that “we” his children will keep him in their lives so that he can continue to fill this void. I think this idea is really cool. How many of you have kind of pushed the Lord/gospel (what ever kind) out of your lives thinking that you can do things better with out him/it. I have done that many times. Every time I do things seem just a little bit harder to deal with.  We have tried really hard over the last few weeks trying to keep the Gospel #1 in our lives. We have been doing the things we know we are supposed to be doing. It’s amazing how blessings are given when you need it. Twice over the last couple of weeks we thought we had a certain amount of money and when we go back to look or buy something we need there is an extra $20 in there. I have been blessed 10 fold this week. I am so proud of myself and so excited to share these books with families. I hope that can help those families that can’t afford to buy books on their own, get them in their homes. If you are one of those families and want to get books for free let me know. I can tell you how. Even if you are not and want to get books for free let me know!


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