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Yearly Tradition update.

Posted by Jenn on September 19, 2007

I can’t believe how tired I am. I am so torn. I wish I had a magic wand, I wish could just make all the pain go away. I have been to the Dr 3 days in a row and got 3 different answers about what my poor son has. Finally tonight I got the final answer. He has Hand, foot, and mouth virus. I took him after his fever would not go down. He has not slept or ate or drank anything all day. They take his temp and its104.5. HOLY CRAP! My poor son is burning up. I found out that he has lost almost a pound. I sat in the Dr.’s Office and just cried. I felt helpless. I wish that there was something I could do for Zach. I am my wits end. I have had so much stuff happen in the last few days that I feel just like giving up.

How am I supposed to live 7-10 days with what the Dr. called one of the most painful things a child can have. As I sit here I am listening to Zach wine because he mouth hurts. Over the day he has started to develop sores in and on his mouth. I know that I am not going to be getting a lot of sleep tonight. Things just seem so much worse when I haven’t gotten any sleep. I am overwhelmed. I just need to sleep a long time.

Not only are we having problems with Zach but we are having other problems too. It seems as if since Chad started working everything is going down the toilet. I don’t understand how the government sees it’s helping when it takes all the help away. I can fully understand why people live off welfare. That’s all I will say about that. I feel like I am sinking. It totally SUCKS! All I ask from all of you is prayers for me and my Bubba. I don’t think I Zach can handle this for 7 days. What do I do?


One Response to “Yearly Tradition update.”

  1. The hardest part is you step up and do your part. You do all you can do. that is how the plan works… What plan.. I don’t know for sure sometimes. But when you do all you can do then you get what you need. Sometimes it means working harder than you have ever worked and being more tired than you have ever been.

    The help you are getting I dont know much about but I hope you can get it fiugred out. I know for us.. We work ALOT inorder to do it. Trust me, the help is nice but I know .. I KNOW you can do it.

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