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Surrounded by peace

Posted by Jenn on September 20, 2007

After a long week, I have found some peace. Its amazing how the lord puts his arms around us in our time of need. I know the lord kept the promises that were spoken in the blessing that Zach was given last night. Today he has not had a fever, he is eating and drinking again, the soars in his mouth are going away, and is somewhat happy. I am truely amazed by the week i have had. Its hard to put into words the love and peace i have felt today. I slept better last night than i have in weeks. I woke up rested and energized. I just want to thank those of you who prayed for my family. We are not fully out of the woods yet but I do know that things are getting better.

I have a firm testimony that the lord is proud of the work that my family is doing. I know with out a doubt that we are doing everything in our power to make our selves financially stable. Its hard to still feel like we are trying to get back on our feet from not having an income for 6 months. Catch up is hard. We are working hard to make things better for us. Better in a way the lord wants. I have had people question how we do things. We are doing what we can in the way we need to for US. All i can do is pray and have faith that the lord with bless us. I am doing what i can with what i have.

Today i was talking to my cousin about a singer named Jon McLaughlin. His music is inspiring. I found a song that is called Just give it time. It kind of fits what i am dealing with. I posted the words to the song below. If you have a chance check him out. I am finding hope again in the little things that happen. I have seen the blessings as they were happening not after they happened. I am thankful for so many people that offered prayers and gave us support. I am truly blessed to have so many friends and family that dropped everything to help me this week. I love the support system the lord has blessed me with. I plan on paying it forward as soon i have the opportunity. Now i can go finish my book.. I have to find out if Edward comes back to Bella!
Just give it time; by Jon McLaughlin

Still waters, heavy hearts
Plans we make all fall apart
Disillusioned and lost in the gray
How can we fix the heart when it breaks?
Don’t know how much more you can take
Just give it time
It’s gonna get better
Now is not forever at all
Just give it time
Everything changes
Tomorrow comes today will be gone
Everything’s gonna be fine
Just give it time, give it time

Quiet landslide when nobody knows
Regretted decisions that nobody chose
Under water and sinking fast
No way out, no way to get back
What might have been is lost in the past

When the world you’re in is still again
And it all fades out
You’ve reached the end, begin again now

Every thing’s gonna be alright

Every thing’s gonna be alright
Just give it time


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