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True friends.

Posted by Jenn on October 11, 2007

There are few things better in life than really good friends. In my life I have only had a handful of really true friends. Friends that have been by my side through everything. Ones that never turned their back on me during the toughest of times. I have plenty of times when I called on them for help and support. It’s been amazing and really hard to watch my friends grow and become better people while making mistakes and going through hardships.


There have been times, especially lately, that I have leaned on them for so much. I am truly thankful for the help and love they have given my family with out ever questioning. The Tables are turning and I am in a spot where I can finally be the support not the leaner-on-er. I got really good news today from 2 of my closest friends.


D has been going through really hard times for the last 4-5 years. He has regrettably made some mistakes in his life and has spent the last almost 3 years overcoming things and taking responsibility for his actions. He has been going through a horribly bitter divorce. Accusations have surfaced that were completely false. Yet he still tries every minute of every day to become the best human, father, son, and friend he can be. I can’t believe how strong he has been through all of this. It’s such a joy to have him come to our house and hang with us. It’s not bad either that he buys all the newest DVD’s and brings them to our home to watch. He has been waiting for almost 3 years for the day when he could come to our home and tell us that all the fighting was over. Today was that day. His ex signed the papers to finalize everything. I was so excited for him. It’s been along time coming. I know without a doubt that he worked so hard and did everything he could possibly to follow what the court system said to do. It’s officially time to celebrate! Yay!


One more good news.


L has been my best friend for over 10 years. We are so much alike that people think we are sisters. We even look alike. She has been through so much in her life. I have seen her happy, I have seen her so sad, and I have seen her mad. I have learned so much from L. My life would have turned out so much different if the lord wouldn’t have placed her in my life. She has been married for almost 7 years. In those 7 years she has had more than 4 miscarriages. I have seen the heartache this has brought to her life. She has wanted nothing more that to have that little child in her arms. She and her husband have been trying since the day they got married for this miracle to happen. It has been so hard to watch others have children (including myself) while she continues to have problems. She has seen almost every kind of Dr. and they all tell her something different. Last week while L and I were spending (some of my most favorite) time together we started talking about Women stuff. I was talking about the Dr I see for myself, she ended up finding a website for Dr’s who specialize in miscarriages. She made an appointment. I have been thinking about my friend for the last 2 days. I prayed so hard that the Lord would bless her with a great experience. I could not stand to see more hurt in my best friend’s eyes. She deserves to finally find happiness. To feel the overflowing joy and love that comes in holding your own child. I got a call today from her and she told me that she had the best experience at this Dr’s appointment. It was totally different than anything that she has done. She cried when she told me that she really feels like this is going to be the time when things change for her. I cried with her as I told her that I prayed that this would be different for her, that they would find the answers they need to make this happen for them. I am so happy for her. I cannot wait for the day when she calls me and tells me that she is really pregnant and that I can share in that joy and excitement with her. I can’t wait for our children to be able to play with each other just like we planed 10 years ago.


I am truly blessed to be able to have such a support system in my life. I know that I am even more blessed to be the support system for these amazing people. I cannot believe that I get to be apart of so many great things. I love you friends!


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