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long updates.

Posted by Jenn on October 19, 2007

It’s been a while since I updated anything. It’s been a busy week. We have had a lot of appointments for me and Zach. I had labs done and they found high levels of things that shouldn’t be high. Granted that a couple of them are just like .1% above where they should be. I think it’s kind of silly but the Dr. didn’t. So I have been put on a Low fat high fiber diet. It’s going to take some change on my part but its good because cannot afford to go out to eat at all anymore. I can control what I put in my body. The one thing I am having a REALLY hard time giving up is my Pepsi. That seems to be my crutch when it comes to stress. When I get sad or depressed or stressed out that’s the first thing I reach for. I am not a big fan of vegetables so I am going to have to learn how to like them. Hopefully if I follow what the Dr. wants me to do, my body will return to normal.


Zach had some appointments too. We had his Well toddler appointment on Wed. He is doing so well. The Dr was so excited for him. He is growing perfectly and is getting stronger and stronger every day. He did put in orders for an MRI and EEG. He wants to make sure that everything is still okay with his brain and seizures. Zach has been off Seizure meds for a couple of months now and he wants to make sure that he is not having abnormal brain activity like he was a year ago. It’s been over a year since we started having problems and they just want updated results. I got those scheduled for next week. He has to be sleep deprived for one and sedated for another. Wish me luck.


We have noticed that Zach’s Speech has regressed a little. They are concerned of a couple of things happening. 1, He is losing hearing which is making it hard for him to hear what we are saying. 2, He is having seizures again that we cannot see so that is taking up enough brain energy that Talking is being sacrificed, or 3, because of his brain bleeds his brain doesn’t understand what his ears are suppose to do in connection with his mouth. We have an appointment with Early Intervention, Speech and hearing therapists to see if they can figure out what is going on.  I am not too worried about all of this. I am just glad that they are going act fast on it instead of sitting on their thumbs. That has been a problem in the past.


I am not looking forward to all the tests that we have next week. I will be doing a lot of them alone with Emily. It’s going to be interesting to try to keep her entertained while Zach is sedated and trying to wake up. Any help with a babysitter would be appreciated.


3 Responses to “long updates.”

  1. Lisa M said

    It was great to read this update. Thank you for it- I like to know what is going on, and keep up on things.

    We too had an MRI, and EEG follow up- I think that is good that your doc is on top of it. I didn’t know you’d gone off the seizure meds, but I think that is good. Brain medications in my opinion should be watched so closely. I hope the EEG shows good results, and that the MRI shows no changes.

    I’m sure you could use some help with Emily. It is really hard to do these appointments alone! Be sure to let us know when they are, and maybe someone can do something.

    I’ve really tried to cut back on my traveling as it is literally KILLING my pocket book, but- I will be around a day or two maybe, next week!

    As far as the hearing goes, hasn’t Zach always had hearing issues? I am sorry, I really don’t keep very good track of everyone. I realize I should know those things. C) The last option is called, Central Auditory Dysfunction and you can read about that a ton, if you google it. (Maybe you already knew that, not trying to sound condescending)

    Ethan’s hearing is coming along. Not steller, but better than before.

    I wish you luck!

    Oh and about the Pepsi- Try the diet. It takes about two weeks, and then you are used to it, and you’ll never go back-

    I am even drinking the diet caffeine free kind now. WHO would have thought-!

  2. Danielle said

    We spent this summer doing seemingly non-stop appointments and tests. It blows for sure! But better to know and be on top of things, right?
    As for you… when I was only 18, I had a VERY high cholesterol. I had been so tiny all my life, and that summer I had gained a LOT of weight. After lowering how much meat I ate, and starting a diet filled with fresh fruits and veggies (I have some great recipes if you want), and eating lots of garlic, I lowered my numbers a TON. I still struggle with my weight, but when I see the scale start to climb back up, I go back to being steadfast in my healthier eating. My cholesterol is still much better, and also my blood sugar levels stay better that way. AND LOTS OF WATER really helps!!!
    Good luck!

  3. Candace Hudson said

    Let us know when your appointments are and I might be able to watch Emily for a few hours. I know how hard it is to handle another child during those testings. I am probably one of the people closest to you geographically.
    I can’t make any promises (between EI and PCMC), but I am willing to try. Email me (cepark99@hotmail.com).

    Candace Hudson

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