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Finding peace in Cancer.

Posted by Jenn on November 6, 2007

Sometimes I sit back and wonder what we are suppose to learn from the trials we are given. I have stopped asking why its happening and now ask what am I suppose to learn from them. That’s been a really hard thing to do. So much is going on this week and its only Tuesday. I have so much to be thankful for, yet while I write this there are a few people out there that are suffering. 

My Step-Grandpa is lying in a hospital fighting for his life. For as long as I have known him (which is all my life) he has been this quiet rock of a man. He works harder than any man I know. He says little but his actions scream love and kindness. He has 3 daughters that are his world. He has 6 grandchildren that look up to him and 5 step grandchildren who consider him just as much their grandfather as anyone else. At the beginning of this year he was told that he had a brain tumor. Ever since then he has just slowly gotten weaker and weaker. Yesterday my father called me in tears telling me that Grandpa was not going to live more than a couple of more days. I was in complete shock. I never thought it would come to this. I always thought that he would make it through this. I have never seen my Dad cry. I could not contain my emotion when I hung up the phone. I had to wait a while to call my brothers and sisters and let them know. I don’t want to be going to a funeral this weekend. I want so much to hear that he is going to be okay.  If that is not what the Lord wants I pray that his Wife and Daughters are surrounded with Peace and that his grandchildren completely understand that he is surrounded by his loved ones that have pasted on. I wish I could talk to Grandpa Page and let him know he needs to find him and welcome him through the Vail. It’s hard. Pray for my family. Ask for Peace.  Ask Heavenly Father to surround us with his love.



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