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Posted by Jenn on December 4, 2007

Today i got the best Christmas present ever! Zach took his first steps EVER!! I cried and cheered and clapped and said a prayer of thanks. There wasn’t that many and he didn’t go very far at all, BUT THEY WERE STEPS! The picture below is of him walking, kinda. I am the proudest mom on the earth today! What a great day!




  1. Tiany said

    This is just amazing!! I know as a mother you must have been overwhelmed with excitement, thankfulness and joy! Saying a prayer of thanks with you!!! 🙂

  2. Rene said

    Whoo hoo!!!! That is awesome! He did go far! Very, very far! Way to go!!! I have tears! Do you think I could possibly add anymore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’s? LOL I mean, that is just wow!

  3. Natalie said

    That’s awesome!!!

  4. palofmine said

    THat is fantastic! It just proves GOd exsists and mircales happen.. espcially at Christmas! You are truly blessed!

    I love Wordless Wednesday! Nothing to read, just look at! Great post! Come visit mine! Finally got it done!

  5. I am doing the happy Praise God dace right next to you. Happy WW.

  6. tegdirb92 said

    Oh that is so wonderful!! Have a really great Wednesday!!

  7. Cara said

    That totally awesome! You should be the proudest Momma!

  8. Candace Hudson said

    I am just so happy for you. I just had to come over here and post another congratulation.

    You should be so proud of Zach and YOU.

  9. Meesa said

    Yay Zach!! I’m so proud of him!

  10. Diana said

    Congratulations! What an accomplishment!

  11. Sarah said

    Way to go Zach! Precious moments…and good to remember to thank Jesus! Happy Wordless Wednesday to you! I hope you can stop by and see mine here

  12. congratulations…I can’t imagine the joy you must feel!

  13. Ami said

    New to your site. What a miracle for Zach!


  15. Chantel said

    That is amazing! What a strong little guy you have. You should be proud of the both of you! 🙂

  16. Way to go Zach!! I thought my son would never roll over or talk. He rolled over at 11 months and started talking a few months ago (he will be three in february)! God has His hand on your little guy that’s for sure!

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