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Christmas came early for us…

Posted by Jenn on December 21, 2007

I am starting to get more excited about Christmas. I have had a hard time with Christmas for the last few years now, but this year has gotten better everyday. This year we were not sure how we were going to do Christmas for our family. On Wed night we were blessed to have a knock on our door and have gifts sitting there. It was late and the kids were asleep. I was glad they were so that we could say that Santa came. We said a prayer of thanks and then went to sleep. The next morning Emily came into my bed and with her nose close to my nose she said MOMMY I GOT TWINS!! I was so confused. I looked down and saw a pair of boots on her feet that I have never seen before. I remembered the presents we had received the night before and ran out of the bedroom. When I got into the Living room it was a DISASTER! It was seriously like a tornado came and touched down in my little living room. There were toys and clothes and paper and boxes EVERYWHERE. Just then I heard this little excited voice say Mommy look Santa CAME and brought me twins! She pushed a gigantic box towards me and to my astonishment I saw a baby set. It had 2 twin babies, a Playpen, a Swing/highchair, and Stroller. It was crazy! She had opened EVERY single present there was. She was so proud of herself, and even more excited that Santa had not forgotten her family. She handed me some shoes that I got and said “Mommy these are too big for me you can have them”. We were very blessed with the stuff we got. Chad got some much needed Shirts, 2 pairs of Shoes, a Gas card and something else I forgot. I got a new pair of shoes, and a book. I got 2 shirts but they are for someone that is a small. They might keep my thigh warm. HEHE. If you need shirts let me know you can have them. Zach got a couple of toys new shoes and socks and a couple of out fits. Emily got some boots a coat her doll set and a couple of really cute outfits. Someone asked me what I did with Emily. I did not get mad… The excitement on her face was enough to soften my heart. I just told her that she was supposed to wait till Christmas Day to open them. She said “Mom I didn’t know when that was!” I am not too worried about Christmas day. She will have plenty of gifts to open; in fact, she will be opening up gifts everyday from today to Christmas. I guess Christmas just came a little bit early to our house.

It’s been a fun time of year. Emily loves looking out the window and seeing the snow. I let her go play in it today and she took one of her babies with her. She had so much fun. She didn’t want to come in. Christmas for me has been one where I have truly enjoyed seeing the smiles, excitement and wonder on my kids faces. Zach loves the Christmas lights. The park down the street puts up a million lights and lets you drive through and look at them. I think we have made that drive 15 times since Thanksgiving. What a great life we have. Merry Christmas everyone!


4 Responses to “Christmas came early for us…”

  1. Meesa said

    That’s funny! She doesn’t know the difference, you could tell her it’s Easter and she wouldn’t know lol…Merry Christmas!

  2. Sooooooooooo cute!! It’s hard to get angry with them when they are SO excited! That’s what I love about kids! They are so excited for life! Sometimes I wish I had an ounce of their energy!

  3. […] Christmas came early for us… […]

  4. oldqueen44 said

    What a memory to cherish. Very cute story.

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