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Easy, Breezy?? Not in this house!

Posted by Jenn on January 5, 2008

The only thing about my life that is easy is being alive. I have taken that to heart and think about that when times are tough. “At least I have my life!” Working has been harder than I expected. It’s an overly easy job, but the hours are hard on me. Not getting enough sleep has made everything else that is my responsibility extremely difficult. I know it’ only been 2 weeks, but it’ been extra hard. Emily has decided that I should not be working at all. She thinks that it’s now okay to stop listening and obeying and cries over EVERYTHING. When I am tired I am cranky and cry a lot. It’s not been a fun week. I wish I could figure her out. The other night I was talking to some ladies at work and we all agreed that we wished our kids were born with a manual strapped to their ankle. That would for sure be a great thing. Now I have been given a choice. I have finally done something for myself. I love that I get to be Jenn. I can leave wife, mom, Dr, Maid, driver, and cook at my door. I might have to quit. It’s so crazy. I just wish I could just know what to do. I have 2 weeks to make my choice. I will blog more about it when I know for sure what it is. For know I need to pray hard and hope that I can figure out what I need to do.  


5 Responses to “Easy, Breezy?? Not in this house!”

  1. melisaslife said

    Don’t give up, it gets better I promise. Saige went through the same thing, they just have to adjust. Eventually you all get into a routine. Keep working on it and stay positive!!

  2. Jenny said

    It will get better! Its just new is all. ALL kids, and us for that matter, have to adjust to change. Your body will get used to it too. It will be ok, don’t do anything rash, before you’ve given it some time to workout!

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  3. Ditto to the both above. It does get better and you get use to the hours and the kids get use to you being different. THe best part is like you said.. you get to be Jenn. Its very liberating and it helps with the downs.

    Good luck


  4. Leah said

    My kids have adjusted to me working 2 days a week. I do have to admit that it is nice to know that I will have 24 hours a week where I can be Leah.

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