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I can feel the breeze again.

Posted by Jenn on January 9, 2008

So I had a lot of you worried about me and a lot of you made me promise that I wouldn’t do anything rash when it came to my job. An update. I have not quit. I am still really tired but I know that I will get use to it soon. I have come to realize that my children do not handle change very well. Emily has had her routine changed so drastically that she is acting out because she doesn’t know any other way to handle it. I know that I need to rethink the schedule that I put together. She needs to have mommy time with me. I need to start taking care of myself more. I HAVE to have nap in the afternoon so that I can function. I have a really hard time doing that because I feel guilty about all the stuff I could be doing instead. I am learning and trying my best. That’s all I can do. I have been really blessed to be able to start actually working from home. Right now I am sitting in my comfy chair and waiting for a call to come in. It’s a calm quiet night and I am excited to be home and not driving in the snow that is lightly coming down outside. It’s a fun and exciting job. Hopefully with me being home Emily will finally calm down and things will get back to normal in our house.


2 Responses to “I can feel the breeze again.”

  1. Leah Powell said

    There’s nothing wrong with taking a nap in the afternoon. Housework will be there regardless of whether or not you get your much deserved nap!

  2. I use to take a nap with Ty. Now I am so use to it that I am ok. It is hard to get it all in and we have split the chores. It is everyones responsibility


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