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Miss Emily

Posted by Jenn on February 6, 2008

emily-box-head-2.jpg Man there isn’t enough time in my day to write all that has been going on here in my world. We are still pluggin along. Stress has got the better of me again it seems. Though some really exciting things are on the horizon for us. I just have to hope that the horizon comes sooner than later. Emily’s birthday party was a hit. She hasn’t stopped talking about it. Its fun to see how many things changed for her since turning 3 years old. She has started walking a little taller and has become very independent. She likes to dress herself. The clothes usually are non-matching and ALWAYS consist of a pair of Chad’s socks. Its funny they go all the way up to her bum. She loves them and will not let me take them off. Instead of fighting I just letter her do it. Its better than no socks at all. She is already for Preschool. We got her enrolled at one of the best preschools here in the county. We have an “in” so to speak. So she starts in August. I am SO excited for her. She finally gets to do something on her own. I have started to notice that she asks for Chad and I to do stuff with her and not include Zach. She is noticing how Zach is ALWAYS there. So I opted to go down this road with school. We had another school lined up but it was one were I would have to be with her and I had to enroll Zach because I don’t have anyone that can watch him. This way Em can just do her thing without me and Zach. I look forward to seeing how well she does. The biggest news from Emily is that she is 85% Potty TRAINED!! I am SOO happy. She woke up this morning and told me that she didn’t want diapers anymore. So I let her run around with out a diaper on for about an hour. She noticed when she needed to go and only had 2 accidents the WHOLE DAY! She got some big girl undies and told me when it was nap time that she didn’t need a diaper that she would not wet the bed… well she was right. She slept for over an hour with out any accidents. She got right out of bed and ran to the potty to go. I am so proud of her. It’s been such a good couple of days with her. We are trying new communication techniques with her and she is taking to them really well. I don’t miss freak outs that were happening ALL the time. It’s nice to have my calm Emily back. She is so sweet and oh how funny! She has Chad and I in stitches all day. I am the proudest mom on the earth right now!


2 Responses to “Miss Emily”

  1. kittenkat10 said


  2. hufstergirl said

    So happy for you! I can’t wait until Ethan gets to that point! Love you guys!


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