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Update on Zach

Posted by Jenn on February 8, 2008

I am SO tired. Frusterated that my little man is laying in a hopital bed not able to sleep. I am running on about 4 hours for the last almost 3 days. What a ride. I am SO glad that its comming to an end. Let me tell you what happened.

Wednesday night Zach was laying in bed with Chad. They were both sleeping. I was working. I heard chad say to Zach, “what are you doing? Zach are you okay? Jenn HES SHAKING!” I ran into the Bedroom and he was having a full on Grandmal Seizure. He was shaking uncontrollably, He was drooling (sp? Sorry) he was so floppy and turning blue. I yelled for Chad to call 911 and i put my hand under his head. I was freaking out and Chad handed me the phone. I talked to the dispacher she told me to lay him on the floor. After about 5 min or so it seemed like a million men dressed in navey blue entered my overly messy bedroom. He was still seizing and they could not find a pulse. The grabbed him and put him on the gurney. Told me that we were headed to the nearest hospital. Chad called my Mother to come watch Em. (she slept through the whole thing) Chad was going to wait for my mom and meet me at the ER. I drove in the front of the Ambulance crying. I could hear in the back the men trying to get him to come around. They kept asking the same questions over and over. We got to the ER they were trying to get an IV in before taking him in. The could not get anything. They ushered us in took him to a room with what seemed again like a million people. Franticly trying to get my little boy to stop doing that horrible thing. Chad arrived a few min after we got there. All i could do is watch people run in and out of that room. The next thing i know is there are grabbing an intabation tray and closing the door to his room. At this point no one had talked to me. I grabbed someone and said please tell me what is going on with my son. The only person that would acnowlge (sp again sorry) i was there was one of the EMT’s. He calmly told me that they were going to put a tube down his throat to breath for him because he wasn’t doing it on his own anymore. Yes he stoped breathing. Fast forward about an hour. A nurse comes out and tells me that he is not doing well and they do not have enough expertise to help him further so they are Life Flighting him to Primary Childrens. She then explaines that the only IV they could get in his body was an IV into the BONE of his little leg.

Life flight gets there and gets him more stable… They again ask the Same bloody questions EVERY OTHER PERSON IN THAT ER asked already. They get in on the helicopter and off he goes.

They arrive at the PICU and hook him to a ventilator. They run a bunch of labs and do a spinal Tapp. They tell us they don’t have any answers for us quiet yet but they got a regular IV placed. After about 5 hours in the PICU he starts to wake up and fight the vent so they take it out. He is breathing on his own.

He sleeps for ever. after about another 3-4 hours he is well enough to be moved to a regular room.

This morning he is happy and playing with me. Not sleeping to much but is happy for the most part. They are still not sure what is going on with him. We are going to be here for another couple of days.. I am ready to be home. I have to go back to the room. I will post more later..


4 Responses to “Update on Zach”

  1. Candace Hudson said

    Think of you and Zach. Let me know if there is anything that I can do.

  2. kittenkat10 said

    Oh mY gosh! I hope you are all ok. I am so sorry. I love you all!

  3. Leah Powell said

    How frigthening that must have been for you, Chad, and Zach! Hopefully they will get some answers for you soon!

  4. Oh my goodness. What a horrible ordeal. I am so so sorry! But I am greatly relieved to see Zach was such a fighter and got better so quickly!

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