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Have a little faith in me…

Posted by Jenn on February 19, 2008

I’m so frustrated! I know that Chad andI haven’t made the most correct choices in our marriage. We are trying to make things better for us. I wish people would just have a little faith in us.

I found this video. I like what it says.  Ohh i really do love Mandy Moore.


2 Responses to “Have a little faith in me…”

  1. nancy said

    Just remember it is your marriage and no one elses. So if you make bad choices they are your own bad choices.. As you go on and make more choices and others don’t like them make sure you “own” your own.. that you take the good and bad and forget what they say… I hope that makes sense.. Good luck

  2. Candace Hudson said

    Just know that you know what is best for you and your family. No one else is walking in your shoes. They might think they know what you are dealing with, but they done’t.

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