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Posted by Jenn on February 26, 2008

It’s kinda funny today when i went to go look at my stats i went from 39 hits yesterday to 79 hits today.. How funny… So I will give you an update on whats been going on in our home. Zach is doing amazing. Since being hospitalized he has added 5 more words to his vocabulary, Papa, Cow, Moo, Dog, and our favorite Turkey. He says it all the time. Its so fun to listen to him talk and babble about everything. He is making lot of strides with walking and crawling.  We are working hard to get him doing the things we think he can do.

Emily is so crazy. Zach being in the hospital was hard for her. She tends to act out when stuff like that happens. We are working on helping her with communicating her feelings instead of crying over everything. She is starting Preschool in the fall and tumbling in a couple of weeks. I hope this helps her get her energy out. I am so excited that she is growing up.

Chad and I are doing well. We are still working on us. Things in the last 4 years have taken a toll on us. We are fixing ourselves. I am more in love with him now that i was when I met him. We found a home to rent and are expected to move on the 15th of March. We could use all the trucks and help we can get so if you are interested let me know. Our HOME is a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom place with an office that could be considered a 4th bedroom if we wanted.  It has lots of storage and custom closets in every room. It has a DISHWASHER! and Washer and Dryer! Oh my how i have needed both of those things. Its been hard with out them. Its a few miles from where we are now but we are still close to family. I fell in love with the home the moment I stepped in the entertainment room.  I love everything about it. It does have stairs and we are going to invest in some gates but we plan on teaching Zach how to go down the stairs on his belly.  We feel this is going to be  something that might help him in the future want to crawl and get up on his hands and knees. We are excited and I can’t wait to have more space. Yay!! If you want to come see the beautiful house we call home let me know i would love visitors. I plan on posting more pictures when i get batteries for my camera.


One Response to “Updates…”

  1. Leah Powell said

    What exciting news! You’ll love being in a house!

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