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And the Packing continues…

Posted by Jenn on March 3, 2008

I HATE PACKING!!! I have been telling people that I wish I could close my eyes and have all my stuff at the new house. It doesn’t have to be all put away I just hate packing. It totally sucks! Notice how Emily has to sit right by the TV. There is no other place for her to sit. I am drowning in boxes!





3 Responses to “And the Packing continues…”

  1. nancy said

    Movers and packers. I am telling you. They even bubble wrap!!! And they are suppose to unpack but they just put your stuff out of the boxes… I wasn’t ready for that. But I am SO for the bubble wrap…

    good luck.. I am glad you are moving to a better place for your family.. I am sorry that it involves packing… Hopefully it will be us in six months or so!!


  2. Meesa said

    I hate packing too!! I never want to move again. Just think about how nice it’s going to be once you are outta there

  3. Candace Hudson said

    I hate packing as well. Your pictures just convinced me to stay where we are at (for now). But we really do need to move soon. Sage and her “stuff” are going to overtake us. I thought our oldest daughter required a lot of space.

    I agree movers would be great. But they require money. The last time we moved I said that we would hire movers, but who has the money to do that and pay all the other expenses.

    Jen do you need boxes? I think we might have a few hanging out around here.

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