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Posted by Jenn on March 4, 2008

 I have been trying for a while to find a way to get Emily involved with more things outside the home. Its been hard for me to watch her want to be involved with Zach’s Therapy when she really can’t be. She has told me many times that she wishes she could just not have therapy any more.  My wonderful sister suggested we get her involved with tumbling at the local aquatic center. Grandma Kohl wanted to help so she paid for Emily to participate. She did okay at first. Then after about 5 min she didn’t want to do anything the Teacher told her to. She spent most of the 45 min just doing her own thing. We got her to do some things which was good. I talked to the teacher afterwards she wants me to bring her in early the next few weeks so that she can get her warmed up and excited to be with her.  I am so proud of her she really did a good job. I took lots of pictures. Here are a few. WAY TO GO EM!


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