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Late nights and weird bands…?

Posted by Jenn on March 9, 2008

What a weekend! IT was so crazy. It all started with a ton of packing… have i mentioned how i HATE packing!?!? I was good about it because we were going to have a very full weekend. When Chad and I got our tax return this year we talked about doing something fun for us. I went on line one night while i was working and found out that one of Chad’s very favorite bands was coming in concert. Linkin Park. He has loved them for so long and He would DIE if i got tickets. I bought them and surprised him the next day. He was SOO excited to go. He has never been to a concert before so this was going to be fun! I have liked this band myself since their start so it was going to be a treat for me too. A couple of days later I got an Email about My ALL TIME favorite Bands Rascal Flatts coming to Utah on Tour.  I was GIDDY! I told Chad We got tickets for you and its only fair to get tickets for me too! So i got online and got tickets from the fan club that i am apart of.  I was so excited to be able to see them again. After looking at the dates again we noticed that Rascal was on Friday night and Linkin was on the next night. Man it was going to be long weekend. Rascal Flatts were AMAZING! We got VIP tickets! We got to be 8th row on the Floor! It was amazing and fun and i screamed like a little girl the whole Night!. Chad had a good time too. It was a great first concert for him. We got pics with my Cell phone so some of them are kinda blurry. Kelly Pickler was the opener and she rocked as well!

Saturday was long and hard. We had to stand the whole night before so we were tired and sore. Our throats were scratchy from singin and Screaming. I was excited to see how Chad liked his concert compared to Rascal Flatts. Completely opposite ends of the music Spectrum. We dropped the kids off and headed down to the E Center. As soon as we arrived Chad Said.. This is Completely different than last night. Everyone was Dressed in black and looked like they were ready to kick your butt if you breathed wrong.   We stood in line to get the “Pat Down” Yes they searched us for weapons and “Illegal Paraphernalia”. They had 2 lines and Chad got through his line SO much faster than me. He had to wait for 5 min while i got searched. Luckily they didn’t find my gun.. Haha just kidding. We got to our seats and waited for the show to start. The openers were Chiodos and Coheed and Cambria.  I was so not impressed. I found out how really old and so much a mom i really am. It sounded like a bunch of noise and screaming. I was so ready to go home at that point. I told Chad that I was ready to go and he told me that I was so much more conservative that i was before we got married. I was watchin stupid kids get grabbed by security and thrown out for fighting EVEN BEFORE THE BANDS STARTED! I was in shock at how stupid people were. When Linkin Park started it was SO much better. I could hear what they were doing and they put on a really good show. I do think though i spend alot of time watching kids crowd surf their way to the curb than accually watching them sing. It was alot of fun though. So i guess the moral of the story is….When your almost 31 and have 2 small kids your almost not cool enough to go to rock concerts with out ear plugs and mase!

Here are some pics that i took some of them are kinda blurry but you get the idea about how close we were to the action!







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