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The longest week ever!

Posted by Jenn on March 13, 2008

Things are going well for us. We got a lot moved into the new house and put away. It was nice to have all of it unpacked for me. I just needed to rearrange a little bit. We got the keys and everything is officially ours! I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I was telling Chad last night that i wished that the world didn’t revolve around money! I hate that everything we do in life depends on how much money we have or don’t have. Argg! Anyway, We are moving all the big stuff over Saturday morning. It has been the slowest week ever! I can’t wait to get out of this apartment. The house has so much more room. Its awesome. Emily loves it and is so excited to have her own room. We did things right with her for once. We went about this slowly. We talked about the new house and took her to see it. We let her pick out her room. We have gone back often and just let her play. She keeps asking if tonight is the night she can sleep in her own room. She has told me where she wants her bed and dresser and helped me unpack her toys. Its going to be fun for her. Zach loves it too. Its going to be hard for him just because there are stairs and he likes to be right where i am all the time. Under my feet is his favorite place to play. When i am upstairs in the Kitchen he sits at the bottom and says what sounds like “what about bubba??” I have told him that he can come play if he climbs the stairs. He has tried a couple of times to get up the bottom stair. I think he will get it sooner than later. I am excited about things. Just stressed out about money and the normal stuff. I have been having crazy OCD moments too. Its out of control. Ohh well I will make it work.


One Response to “The longest week ever!”

  1. Leah Powell said

    I’m so excited for you. Does this mean that your hosting the next Powell Christmas Party? J/K

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