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Posted by Jenn on April 28, 2008

So its 4am monday morning do you know where your children are? I do! One is sleeping peacefully like he should be and one is watching TV on the floor with a bowl and a towel next to her. BLAH!

Emily woke up yesterday throwing up. She spent most of the morning doing that. After a long nap she acted just fine. Then at 3 this morning we started the process all over again. Not how I wanted to spend my Monday but thats okay. This is a life of a mom huh! Its funny that before I had kids the sound of someone throwing up would make me do it too. Now it takes A LOT of that to make me gag. Ohh well. Its only suppose to last about 24 hours. If thats true then we only have 2 to go! YAY.

Other than that, things are okay for us right now. Zach is mostly back to normal. He still is whiny. But thats to be expected. Now that i have experienced the things i have with him. I have a firmer faith in myself that when the next seizure happens I will know how to handle it. Its not going to be any less scary to watch, BUT I will know what to ask for and what to expect. Its been a long road but i am okay with things now. I still hate seizures. I still hate to watch them and When they happen again I will still vent about how much I hate them. It will just be a sentence rather than a whole post. I do have an appointment set up with Dr. Lloyd for a neuro consult. He has been Zach’s Neuro from the begining. Its fun to see how many people love him as much as i Do. He IS an amazing Dr.

Anyway, I need to go make sure Em is okay. She keeps telling me that she has a huge problem up there. I better go figure out what it is. Its not to bad because i can hear everything she is doing. Wish me Luck!


2 Responses to “Gross!”

  1. Meesa said

    Ewwww…you know I was there last week…while having problems myself. It totally sucks. I hope she feels better soon.

  2. Leah said

    Yuck, the flu is the worst! You seem to be feeling better! I wish I live closer so I could help you out! Know that you’re always in our thoughts and prayers!

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