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Posted by Jenn on May 3, 2008

It’s been a really bad week for us here. Emily has thrown up EVERYDAY this week. I have gotten very little sleep. Chad and I caught it as well. Zach was throwing up all day yesterday and was not eating or drinking. We went to PCMC because my Pediatrician said he thought it would be a good idea. Zach was not able to keep down his meds and had not had a real wet diaper since that morning. So at midnight last night My mom and I took him in. We sat there for over 2 hours. Waiting for some one to take us back. All they were going to do it put in an IV to help get him hydrated. He fell asleep about half hour after we got there and was starting to get his color  back. At about that point I started to feel absolutely gross. My stomach was turning. Watching other parents who’s Children were worse than Zach by far just sitting. Kids coughing and throwing up. A cute little mom with her disabled Daughter who was on oxygen had been sitting for over 3 hours. So I looked at my mom and said lets just go. If he has a seizure then we will call 911 and we will get straight back. I went up to the desk and asked how much longer it was going to be and the nurse said “Oh sister you have a long wait”. She told me that at the very EARLIEST it would be 60min. but it could be a lot longer than that. So I told my mom that we were leaving because I was going to throw up and He was sleeping soundly. I let him sleep in bed with me last night, just to make sure he would be okay. About 4:30 Emily woke up throwing up. I put Zach back in his bed. She threw up for the rest of the morning. I started about 6:30am. Chad started about 8pm tonight. Zach is totally fine. Its gross. We have slept most of the day and washed every blanket, towel, sheet and pillow we own. This is so not fun. I wish we could get over it fast. I hope that Emily stops tonight she just needs a break. Anyway. Thats been our week-end. I hope that others out there don’t get this. It sucks!!


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