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My favorite time with Zach…

Posted by Jenn on May 4, 2008

Some of my most favorite times I have with Zach is during his many therapy sessions. I love watching him make progress and the joy he has when he does something for the first time or the right way. I love the look he gives me. The look of “mom look what i did! Can you believe how smart I am!!” There have been times when I just sit in awe of him. It has brought tears to my eyes many times. I love that he is so much different than what we were told by Doctors he was going to be like. He is defiantly not the child I am still told on paper that I will have. Some of the best friends i have are the Therapists that come into my home. I love the friends I have made and the joy they get from helping my son grow. Its amazing that so many people are on my side when it comes to helping Zach get what he needs. I have been told by many Doctors and Professionals how wonderful and committed Zach’s therapists are. Making sure that they are at appointments with us and making time to just come and be with us after major medical problems. Not only do these wonderful therapists love Zach, but they love Emily too. They make sure they include her with the things they bring for Zach to do. Emily gets just as excited to have Sheralyn, Christene, Mandy, Susan, Julia and Lisa come visit or us go to them. So to those wonderful ladies that help me Thanks for your dedication and love.


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