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The Zoo!

Posted by Jenn on May 15, 2008

We were able to go to the Zoo on Saturday. It was fun to play and watch Emily and Zach see the animals. Zach had a hard time “seeing” the animals, We took him out of his wheelchair and he was able to see the Giraff. It was so fun to watch him. He couldn’t take his eyes off of them. It was so fun.


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Another day.

Posted by Jenn on April 21, 2008

Its been an okay couple of days. I have been pretty distant from Chad and the Kids lately. He told me yesterday that I have not been around a whole lot. I am not sure why. I have found myself hanging out in my bedroom just watching TV by myself.  Saturday we spent the morning working on the back yard. Every time i think about it it makes me have anxiety. There is just SOO much to do with it. I have never had to take care of a yard so I have no idea what to do. The people that lived here before didn’t take care of it at all. The mowed the Lawn and thats about it. Chads parents and our neighbor came over to help. It was kinda fun just working in the yard. We got have the back done and hauled away. We cut down a lot of trees.  They were kind of sprouting randomly around the yard. It looks tons better now. We still have some work but it shouldn’t be as  bad.

We spent some time with my brothers and sisters on Saturday. We have an adult dinner 2 times a year with them. It was SOO much fun. I love the relationship i have with them. Its so neat that we get along so well with each other. They have always been so supportive. We know we can go to them first when we need something. I love having them so close to us. My younger sister is one of my best friends. Our kids are best friends too. Its fun to see how well they get along when they are not tired. I am proud of the kinds of relationships I have with my family. We are so close and I love that I can call my brothers when i need a blessing or just some advice. My poor brother probably knows more about me than he wants to know. His wife too. They have been such a blessing for me. My kids love Kerri and Scott.

On Sunday we got to go help my Grandma celebrate her 86th birthday. She is such an example of power and strength. She is the coolest grandma ever. Its getting harder for her to do the things she needs to but she is a trooper. We had all the aunts and uncles there to help celebrate.  Its fun to around my cousins. At one time we hung out all the time. We have kind of grown apart as we got older. I miss hanging out with them. I miss the funny things we had in common. Going to Chilis with Jon, Lari, Rachel, Alesha and Meesa. What a fun time what was.  I just love my family i guess thats what this post has turned into. I kind of went off there didn’t I? Sorry about that.

Anyway just a reminder the Fundraiser started Yesterday. If you can spare even $1 that would help. You don’t have to have the voucher to go get food the flyer will be just fine. If you want to just give money Call April Sidwell @ 801-825-1200 (this is the number to Fazolis). She is the Manager at the Fazolis in layton. She can help with what ever you need. Tell everyone you know about it. It would help us so much be able to make ends meet! Thank you so much for all your help and love and prayers. Its nice to know people care about us. If your new to the blog Welcome! I love visiters.

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