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Thank you!

If you are reading this then that means you mean alot to me. I have been so hurt in the last day and i just need my real friends and family to support me. I have learned so much about myself in the last few years and you guys have been along for the ride. Regretfully i have hurt many of you too. For that reason i want to apologize. I want to tell you that i need you in my life. Your arms are the ones that hold me up somedays. Your kind words mean so much and many times they come at times when i need to hear them the most. Please understand that i am having a hard time and am getting the help i need. I write things sometimes as a cry for help. Its so hard to do that sometimes.  sometimes i just want to let go. thanks for hangin on!


One Response to “Thank you!”

  1. Hi Friend – I am so sorry for the hard times you have, I hope you know that I understand completely and although I can’t relate totally, I understand from a Mom’s point of view. I just want you to know that I love you and I have so much respect for you mainly just because of who you are but also because of the grace with which you have handled raising and caring for your little family. You are an amazing mother and I look up to you in many many ways. I know there must be times where you feel so alone and so terribly sad but please know that I am here for you anytime you need me (you can call or chat with me! 637-2670). I am sorry we don’t get to spend much time together but I hope that over the summer that can change. I hope that the love and support of friends and family will bear you up during your hard times as I am sure is always the case. I will also pray that Heavenly Father will send his Holy Spirit to comfort and bless you as you care for Zach. He is a wonderful, sweet, adorable little sweetheart and it is very obvious that he is well loved and cared for. You are a great Mom and I hope you always remember that!!

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